he has said much the same before Tully men did not surrender easily, no matter the odds. After she entrusted the parchment to the maester s care, Catelyn went to the sept and lit a candle to the Father Above for her own father s sake, a second to the Crone, who had l. et the first raven into the world when she peered through the door of death, and a third to the Mother, Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer for Oracle Certification Lysa and all the children they had both lost. Later that day, as she sat at Lord Hoster s bedside with a book, reading the same passage over and over, she heard the sound of loud voices and a trumpet s blare. Ser Robin, she thought at once, flinching. She went to the balcony, but there was nothing to be seen out on the rivers, but she could hear the voices more clearly from outside, the sound of many horses, the clink of armor, and here and there a cheer. Catelyn made her way up the winding stairs to the roof of the keep. Ser Desmond did not forbid me the roof, she told herself as she climbed. Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer it exam The sounds were coming from the far side of the castle, by the main gate. A knot of men stood before the portcullis as it rose in jerks and starts, and in the f. ields beyond, outside the castle, were several hundred riders. When the

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