e using this. Zhang Wei glanced at each other one, ridicule how, want to give me a letter of red envelopes ah That is to say, she still told his own number Lin Hao. Lin Hao heart slightly a little joy, continue to say do not know if I usually can contact you ah Zhang Wei white at him Yes ah. Lin Hao heart very happy, bid farewell to Zhang Wei, then ride back to his home. He is too lazy to control, and need his help, he went, otherwise, he still has a bunch of things to deal with it. Back home, he is full of brains Zhang Wei s smiles, Huarong month appearance. He was Network Appliance Certification full of crazy, is. the first time to get along like Zhang Wei it Leaving her even a little heart empty. Lin Hao took out his cell phone, find Zhang Wei s wide letter, several times want to send a message in the past chat, NCDA ask hello, but still bear, so that each other that their neuropathy, after all, only for a while. Well, he lay down on the couch, while contemplating. I want to summon the courage to pursue. Suddenly, he was determined. He is sure that he likes Zhang Wei, and as long as she can be NCDA it exam with him, and he even wanted to and Tang Xuanzong the same, so that the spring night is very short, from the king is not early. Oh, he sighed, feeling that it

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NS0-157 NetApp Certified Data Administrator (NCDA) Network Appliance NCDA