ces, but also I do not know how much more than Liu Sijian times. Such a powerful adversary, is simply invincible It seems. that heaven is to want to put the hundred old magic, there are gold eighteen together to solve, but, but it is such a difficult task, to Liu Sijian such a young man to complete, this is not too rash In these days, the magic of the emperor of the day of careful investigation of heaven s intentions, come to such CISM it exam an answer, and this is no doubt Isaca Certification right, but, Liu Sijian is only such a young young man, the real practice of time, Also only more than a year, to have today the strength of this day break the sand, which is Guards things. Do you still let him accept the higher, even high to the point where the task can not be. completed This is not too easy to take Liu Sijian people read, and, if there is an error, resulting in the situation reversed, and so the consequences, but unimaginable ah I really do not understand why heaven should be so arranged But he can do, but only shaking his head, the arrangement of heaven, he is no right or unable to make comments, he did not even have the opportunity to open, although he is the king, But CISM in the heaven there, he is the king, not even those who are a great servant Li

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