t the original intention of gold seventeen, more is not what he wants to see the outcome, so he must be shot to end all this, things provoked by him, then, now by his end, it is also in reason. Big Brother, how are you However, at this time, a bright and clear man s voice, Cisco Certification but it is passed over, people follow the sound, gold seventeen front shadows, Jin Ji generals have arrived near. the front, see the gold eighteen injured, Asked with concern. Kim Kyrgyzstan, you kid to take out the gold sand, to your uncle, there is urgency, fast Is in the end to let the gold seventeen desperate and hesitant to see the arrival of General Jin Ji in time, the ancestor of gold a sigh of relief, heart sighed really days without me To repair the general Jin Ji, naturally do not know the magical effect of the sand, but he did not dare to neglect, stretched out his right hand, palm up, the silence of silence, a group of golden flash, a token CCNA Data Center it exam is in his The palm of the palm. Chapter six hundred and eighty chapters gol. d sand easy to master This is the treasure gold sand order, this treasure is very spiritual, good can change, with a spell to urge, can be a great power, but because the gold eighteen brothers repair is still too low, can not play its maximum power CCNA Data Center Bale. Chinese That s

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