Therapists will tell you that some grown up offspring have, to this very day, the most difficult time imagining their parents actually doing it, which, of course, fills these offspring now patients in the thera pist Amazon s office with rage or guilt or shame, because they, naturally, desire to do it, and they can t figure out what s wrong with them. Amazon Certification So talk about sex with your children, laugh about sex with your children, teach them and allow them and remind them and show them how to celebrate their sexuality. That is what you can do for your children. And you do this from the day they are. born, with the first kiss, the first hug, the first touch they receive from you, and that they see you receiving from each other. Thank You. Thank You. I was so hoping that You d bring some Amazon it exam sanity to this subject. But one final question. When is it appropriate to specifically introduce or discuss or describe sexuality with your children They will tell you when that time has come. Each child will make it clear, unmistakably, if you are really watching and listening. It comes in increments, actually. It arrives incrementally. And you will know the age ap propriate way of dealing with the incremental arrival of your child s sexuality if you are clear, if you are fi

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