t only followed it, Ithought, for sufficient reasons. But still, all that I did or could do, conscience would roar night and day. Saint Augustine and Alline both emerged into the smooth waters of inner unity and peace, and Ishall next ask you to consider more closely some of the peculiarities of the process of unification,when it occurs. ASQ Certification it exam It may come gradually, or it may occur abruptly it may come through alteredfeelings, ASQ Certification or through altered powers of action or it may come through new intellectual insights, orthrough experiences which we shall later have to designate as mystical. However it come, itbrings a characteristic sort of relief and never such extreme relief as when it is cast into thereligious mould. Happiness happiness religion is only one of the ways in which men gain thatgift. Easily, permanently, and successfully, it often tr. ansforms the most intolerable misery into theprofoundest and most enduring happiness. But to find religion is only one out of many ways of reaching unity and the process ofremedying inner incompleteness and reducing inner discord is a general psychological process,which may take place with any sort of mental material, and need not necessarily assume thereligious ASQ Certification form. In judging of the religious types of regeneration which we are about to study, it isimportant to recognize that they are only one species of a genus that contains other types as well. For example, the new bi

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