and.they were tightly attached to the transparent glass. The cable car is not easy to LPIC-3 it exam temporarily stabilize, but I don t know when someone will come to the rescue. I don t know if the cable car will start to shake again in the next second. I don t know how long it has been. Xiao Yan looks at her side from behind. Shen Sheng called her Jomo She hmm , What If we LPIC-3 have been trapped here, you have nothing to say to me Jommer smirked, faint, What can I say to you If it is a loved one, it will probably be like this at this time. Deep feelings, but Xiao Yan, what do you want me to say to you Say I love you Or die to say that we still have to be married in the next life We are divorcing people, let me say, I don t think what will happen to this cable car. Things, maybe, will return to normal after a while. Maybe she reminds him that they are two people who are Lpi Certification about to divorce. He is angry, reaches for her chin and turns her face to face him. His eyes were stunned and he asked one word at a time You just want to draw a line with me Inside the cable car, there was a commotion, Xiao Yan and Jomer were squeezed into the corner, and the narrow space made Jomer almost breathless. Xiao Yan didn t seem to care.about any accidents at all, but looked down at her with a burning gaze. The two had no words. After a long time, it seems that the starting point of the cable car has been sent to repair, the cable car has returned t

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
117-300 LPI Level 3 300, Senior Level Linux Certification, Mixed Environment Lpi LPIC-3
117-301 LPI 301 Core Exam Lpi LPIC-3
117-302 LPI 302 Mixed Environment Exam Lpi LPIC-3
117-303 LPI Level 3 Exam 303 Lpi LPIC-3
117-304 LPI Level 3 Exam 304 Lpi LPIC-3